Yemek Odası Örnek Ürün – 1

You can get off me anytime. Oh, no! My parents are leaving! I’ve gotta go change back into street Leela. Thank you, mysterious heroes! The value of the Gemerald you saved is slightly greater… than the cost of the damage A net gain for our great city! It’s good that Leela doesn’t love us. She’ll be less sad when we die. And I got the audio tour for Treasures of Liberace’s Tomb! Sweetie, it’s okay. You don’t have to apologize for standing us up.

The sphere then fired some kind of hellish blackout ray. Erased that planet like 18 minutes of incriminating tape. I understood why. Why I should care. Because the death-sphere is now on course for Earth. Aroo! My God, we’re defenseless, like fish in a barrel. Options? My instinct is to hide in this barrel Ah, then we’re down to our last hopeA radical new weapon built by a visionary scientist I once dismissed as crazy. Let’s see how crazy I am now, Nixon. The correct answer is very.

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