Volume 1 – Issue 1 – 30 June 2022                                               DOWNLOAD ISSUE

1.Editor’s Note
Page 1
Erkan Kiral
2.Politics and Educational System: The Case of Church Schools in Hungary in and After Communist Era
Pages 2-12
Fadime Yilmaz
3.Post-Secondary Educational Experiences of Togolese Immigrant Women and Educational Attainment
Pages 13-25
Tela Bayamna
4.A Look at the Appointment of Rectors from the Foundation of Turkish Republic
Pages 26-41
Duygu Konay, Hasan Ulvi Evren, Mehmet Ulutas
5.Advantages and Disadvantages of Remote Learning during Pandemic in the Digital Era
Pages 42-49
Hristo Tutunarov
6.A Short Outlook on One of the Modern Supervision Types: Peer Coaching
Pages 50-56
İlknur Durdu