Volume 3 – Issue 2 – 31 December 2023                                            DOWNLOAD FULL ISSUE


  1. Editor’s Note
    Page 1
    Burcu Altun Birgun & Erkan Kiral
  2. The Scholarly Sources on Virtual Classroom Management: A Systematic Review
    Pages 2-11
    Aylin Kirisci Sarikaya
  3. Adaptive and Responsible Leadership: A Relevant Leadership for the Second Half of the 21st Century
    Pages 12-18
    Richardo Lozano
  4. Teachers’ Opinions on the Teaching Processes of Basic Life Skills
    Pages 19-26
    Dilek Kirnik
  5. Environmental Education Activities with Drama Method
    Pages 27-36
    Gamze Dag
  6. Evaluation of Technology Usage in Adult Education According to Trainers’ Views
    Pages 37-54
    Veysel Karani Ceylan & Hayri Karagol
  7. Assessment of Secondary School Students’ Willingness to Communicate in English as a Foreign Language
    Pages 55-64
    Yasar Ustun Kaplan